Have Fun in the Sun – Cruelty Free Sun Protection


Summer is by far my favorite time of year. However, my skin certainly disagrees. I’m extremely fair skinned, so being in the sun for long periods of time can result in looking much like a lobster at the end of the day. Enduring the pain of being sunburned, and coping with the idea of being compared to a lobster are both unacceptable to me. I will go through great lengths to avoid a sunburn, but staying away from the sun is not an option for me. Who would could resist all of that vitamin D?

I’ve been seeing a lot of promotion for DIY sunscreens, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t necessarily trust them. Sure, at first the idea sounds great. Like, it’s more environmentally friendly, all of my household items are DIY, why would I stop at sunscreen?, if I make it at home, then I’ll know EXACTLY what’s in it instead of buying some mystery UV protection goo from the convenience store….convincing arguments, but not necessarily safe. It seems like a great risk to me to cake on something that I made at home, and hope for the best. Also, many of the bases that I’ve seen people use contain oil, which in my case would fry my skin in an instant. I’d have to lay low for at least a week to recover from that, and my skin would be vengeful and unforgiving. I’m no scientist, so I think I’ll just stick with purchasing my sunscreen from trusted source.

I’ve done some research to compile a list of cruelty free sunscreen products, so here they are. Click on the images to visit their websites.

Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30+ | 7oz/210ml

Solar Body Moisturizer SPF 30+ 

This product is made by DeVita, this company is vegan and paraben free. This is a body moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. It’s 100% natural, and is not oily or greasy. This product is also suitable for sensitive skin. It also includes their signature sun-damage repair system, which helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps prevent signs of premature aging with skin-defending vitamins. This product is also gluten sensitive safe.


Kiss my Face Body Suncare

Kiss my Face sun care products are all natural, and cruelty free. They are specially formulated with an abundance of botanicals, oat protein, aloe and our newest addition, Hydresia, to protect, moisturize and sooth.

Ocean Potion 

Ocean Potion’s products are not tested on animals, and are PABA-free, Paraben-free and most are Oxybenzone-free. Ocean Potion’s broad-spectrum formulas offer greater protection for your family—thanks to our exclusive blend of skin-friendly Seaplant Botanical Complex, patented Solaplex and Vitamin D3 to help enhance and protect your skin. Sprays and lotions glide on and absorb quickly to ensure fun in the sun for everyone. 

Revitalizing Green Tea Broad Spectrum SPF 45


revitalizing green tea broad spectrum spf 45

This formula is non-greasy and quick-absorbing, and has a very high water resistance.  Aloe vera, green tea and palm kernel oil absorb quickly and effectively to nourish sun-exposed skin. This product is cruelty free, organic, paraben free, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, biodegradable and a gluten free formula.

Nature’s Gate Sun Protection

Nature’s Gate is a company dedicated to developing personal care products based upon botanical remedies.This product line offers SPFs ranging from 25 to 50, and water resistance of 40 or 80 minutes, Nature’s Gate sunscreens provide broad spectrum skin protection for a variety of ages and lifestyles. This includes sun protection for your face, kids, sports, and an aqua broad spectrum formula. Free of Oxybenzone, Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance, Animal derived ingredients and never tested on animals.



*Note – Many of the descriptions, and all of the photos above were taken from these sources. Please visit these websites for more information on their products:








  1. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award, take a look 🙂 http://thelondonveganblog.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/liebster-award/

  2. I just bought a zinc based natural sunscreen by Goddess Garden. Haven’t had the chance to test it out yet but I’m really excited about it! You should check it out if you are interested in some natural ones. Theres no preservatives or anything either… pretty much just aloe, shea butter, and some essential oils.

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