Boost your immune system…Naturally!

Other than drinking 3 gallons of orange juice, and washing your hands 700 times a day, what else can you do to prevent the common cold?

Here are some tips and lifestyle suggestions to alleviate you of some nasty cold and flu symptoms, and also boost your immune system.

We all know that drinking orange juice to absorb all of its vitamin C goodness is a highly regarded way to boost your immune system, but what if you need some variety? I know I do.
What are some other foods rich in vitamin C, you ask? Well here’s a short list:

Citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruits, etc.), kiwi, red and green bell peppers, broccoli, and strawberries


Now, onto other great ways to naturally boost your immune system…

Tea: black or green caffeinated or decaf, both are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight free-radicals which is an unstable molecule that damages our immune systems. 
Oats and Barley: These are fiber rich foods that have anti-microbial and antioxidant capabilities, and they also reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).
Garlic: fights infection and bacteria. Garlic goes with many dishes, just a couple cloves a day and make your symptoms go away! If you absolutely cannot stand the taste and don’t mind garlic breath, this is also available in an extract.
Sweet Potatoes: These guys are packed with Vitamin A. If you are looking for other foods rich in vitamin A, then think orange: carrots, squash, pumpkin, and cantaloupe all contain beta-carotene which your body turns into vitamin A.
Mushrooms: Specifically, Japanese variety mushrooms, like shitake. These are known to increase white blood cell making them more aggressive to fight infection. 
Greens: Kale, broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage all help detoxify your liver.
Avocados: These contain essential amino acids, antioxidants, and healthy fats to support adrenal function. 
Sage Extract: This extract helps move mucus out of the respiratory tract while easing your cough acting as an expectorant. This is available over the counter at your local health food store.
Ginger: An antioxidant that helps break down toxins in your organs, specifically your lungs and sinuses. 
Echinacea: Also known as that “purple cone flower”, a species indigenous to North America. It’s an herb used to fight against colds an other respiratory infections. It decreases inflammation, which reduces the severeness of symptoms. This is available in a supplement, extract or in herbal teas.  

Drink lots and lots of water. The recommended dosage is 8-10 glasses a day, but why not more? Also, try to stay away from sugary beverages, or any beverage that has added dyes in them.

Taking probiotics is another way to naturally boost your immune system. Probiotics contain “good” bacteria that hang out in your digestive tract and fight off the “bad” bacteria. Creating a natural balance in your intestines.


There are also many ways to prevent getting sick by just making some simple lifestyle changes. Remember, prevention is the key!

1. Quit smoking. It isn’t good for you, or the person standing next to you at the bus stop inhaling all of your second hand smoke. And, it’s expensive, geesh!
2. Exercise. I’m not saying commit yourself to an extreme 30-day workout plan that is going viral on the internet right now. I’m just saying maybe get off the couch, go outside, and take a walk for 30 minutes. If you’re lucky, it might even be sunny and your skin can absorb some vitamin D. 
3. Nix the junk food. I just gave you soooo many other healthy suggestions for food to eat. That bag of chips that you are in the process of finishing has little to no nutritional value, and is comprised of mostly manufactured ingredients. Eat real food, that is what is going to prevent you from illness.
4. Get enough sleep. 7-9 hours is the recommend amount of sleep for adults. 
5. Adapt an optimistic outlook on life. Remember, the glass is half full, right?
6. Laugh. Laugh a lot, no seriously, do it. Laughing curves the level of stress hormones in your body and boosts your white blood cell count (boosting your white blood cell count helps fight infections).
7. Reduce your stress levels. Living in this day and age, it seems like everything can bring on stress. Luckily there are many simple ways to reduce stress. So, set down your iPhone, forget about what your schedule is like next week, and take in this information. 

  • Learn the art of meditation. If you really can’t set your iPhone down, then I recommend downloading the Omvana app.
  • Slow down. This one is pretty self explanatory. 
  • Socialize. Not on the internet. I mean get out of your house and go talk to people. Like, after you’re done talking your 30-minute walk maybe wander into the nearest convenience store to pick up some immune system boosting remedies and strike up a conversation with someone. 
  • Breathe. Yoga is a great way to focus your breathing. But if you don’t have time to pencil that into your already busy schedule, then maybe just practice a couple breathing exercises. 

Practice these natural remedies, and say goodbye to those nasty cold symptoms! And say hello to a healthier you!



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